About It's a Girls City

It's a Girls City is a marketplace, an opportunity, and a place to bond femininity and womanhood together state by state online, in person and in print.

Our Mission: For all hard working busy women to have a place to find relaxation, to find buying convenience, feel camaraderie, beauty and to benefit from the duty, but most of all the spirit of being a woman.

The Directory bonds us together throughout our community, our country, and our world.

The Event is a place to congregate, shop, and be a woman entirely for a weekend. Whether it is leather or lace, old or new, luxury or practical, the event has products and services to keep you coming back over and over again. You can spend a weekend at your statewide It's a Girls City Event, or take a road trip, train trip, or flight to a different state.

Then, after technology is put away, at the end of the day, the coffee table ready Magazine reminds us of how tangibility still feels special, how print inspires us to turn the pages, read, dream. And while sipping an It's a Girls City Signature Beverage, or indulging in an It's a Girls City Signature Dessert, you become whole again.

As a buying guru, a decision maker, a money maker, a community contributor, a mom, a wife, a friend or a grandmother, your desires and needs are as complex as an ocean.

We strive to play a part in touching your heart and soul and becoming a part of your daily life.


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It's a Girls City Promotes Charities for Women.

Charities Publishing Soon.